Yukon, Canada

22 October 2022

On Haeckel Hill near Whitehorse in Yukon, Canada construction activities are ongoing. Four foundations are being constructed to install new EWT Directwind wind turbines. EWT wind turbines have a proven track record in harsh conditions in Alaska, where several are operational for more then 10 years with seeing minus 50°C and still operate. In Whitehorse temperatures range from plus 20°C in summer to minus 25°C in winter. At this location a Vestas V47 has been installed 22 years ago. This V47 will have to be decommissioned and that was the reason our Wim Robbertsen has visited the site. The turbine is out of operation due to a generator failure and the road uphill was in bad condition to get a crane up to replace the generator. For the construction of the new wind turbines, the road had to be upgraded.
Coming summer, the new EWT wind turbines will be installed and the V47 to be decommissioned. Optional the V47 can be refurbished and installed at another location, hopefully in the same region as energy is required everywhere and it will reduce the consumption of diesel for electricity production in Yukon.
To find new employment for this V47 is the next challenge for Business in Wind.

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