17 June 2022

This week our plan and the wind were in perfect harmony!
Our job was to dismantle 4 Vestas wind turbines in the beautiful area of Wales and transport them to Ireland were the turbines will start a second life. The weather conditions were perfect so all 4 dismantled and transported on schedule, just like a clockwork. On Monday morning Davies Crane Hire started to lift the first wind turbine. Also Vlastuin Transport was already on site with the required trucks and Monday afternoon the first one was loaded and gone. This is copied three more days and on Thursday afternoon the last tower section was loaded. On Friday the wind started again, that’s why some people say Wim has to start with the lottery with that much luck. 

We can not adjust the wind, but we can adjust the sails – meaning act according what nature offers us. We plan long time ahead, but adjust the works in case required, but in this case it was not required.


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