Vestas V80 Austria

21 January 2023

Hohenruppersdorf is a municipality in the Austrian state of Lower Austria, located in the district of Gänserndorf (GF). The municipality has about 900 inhabitants. And last week a team of Business in Wind travelled to this beautiful area to dismantle two Vestas V80s among the vineyards. And even though the wind also caused some delays here, we are very satisfied with the harvest. Because starting on Monday and being able to dismantle two wind turbines today is a great result. It was nice working together with the Austrian crane company Prangl.
These two V80s are on their way to Romania where they will be reassembled to harvest energy there as well. Coming Monday, the Dutch demolition company Weever will make sure that the two foundations also disappear between the vines here.

Update Wind Farm Groen Flevopolder
After the Business in Wind team has been on hold for over a week due to the persistent wind, they started dismantling the first windturbine of wind farm Hondtocht last Tuesday. Yesterday they moved the crane to wind farm Oldebroekertocht where they started today to dismantle the first windturbine there. Photos we share in the next post.

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