To dismantle a Vestas V52 wind turbine in Germany and rebuild it in Northern Ireland, yes for us as a Dutch company, this is business as usual.
How Business in Wind is able to organize this international job? 
It started with the purchase of two Vestas V52 and one E48 in Kuhschnappel, Germany. These turbines were from EAB and we purchased these. The E48 and one Vestas were decommissioned earlier this year. We have customers looking for V52s and are able to supply, in this case it is Duncan Plant in Northern Ireland. A team of Business in Wind, Koppejan, and Auto Klug crane organized by Flossdorf, dismantled last week this V52 turbine.
At this moment Vlastuin transport is on their way with all the wind turbine parts and make sure the transport is on time at the new location in Northern Ireland. Duncan Plant will install this turbine once foundation is ready. 

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