Even if you carry the title of Managing Director, that doesn’t mean that you sit behind your desk and manage everything from there, at least Wim Robbertsen isn’t like that. That’s why he occasionally puts on the hard hat of Project Manager. This was the case with the project to build an E70, ex Pure Energie on the island of Lilla Hummelholm, #Åland #Finland for Asterholma Vindenergi AB.
Wim tell us, how did you like working in the field again?

“This is the most beautiful part of our projects; preparation up to the smallest detail! The challenge here is where to sleep, where to buy food, how to get cranes on the Island, where to buy fuel, etc. Cooperate with local people to get the job done, that is what I like most. With this project, not possible to reach by land with wind turbine components and big cranes, it is nice to get this organized and fun when the Finnish captain Dennis Saari of the ship Jennifer bringing the wind turbine, is married to a Dutch woman, who is the 11th generation of the family Danser active in shipping. Jennifer arrived during the night of Sunday to Monday and at arrival the captain and his 11- and 14-year-old daughters went for a swim. You must lov the water when you do so.

Nostokonepalvelu Projects Oy (literally “lifting crane service”) from Finland brought their cranes by barge to the Island. We could offload everything at the mooring place of the ferry in #Torsholma. While offloading, the ferry traffic continued without problems, just all being aware of each other.
The weather conditions have been very good. Timingwise, the Jennifer was offloaded on the Monday, and Thursday evening the rotor was installed. All due to a great team of
Koppejan Wind Service B.V., Nostokonepalvelu, Aland Sea Shipping, crew of Jennifer all on behalf of Business in Wind.
And most important the customer, Asterholma Vindenergi, Georg is very knowledgeable and did prepare the rock anchor well to put the #Enercon E70 on. 
There is a little delay with the grid connection, expectation is that the wind turbine will start to generate energy in the coming month.
And in the meantime, I, Wim visited a few other sites in this region. So we sure will be back!”

Thank you Wim for your report and have a good flight home!

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