23 May 2022

A Swedish wind turbine owner decided not to replace a complete wind turbine but to repower it in another way. The top tower will be adapted and a refurbished nacelle and rotor will replace the existing other brand of wind turbine.
Last week we dismantled a V80 from Wind Farm Kubbeweg, Flevoland in NL. The nacelle and hub are transported to the workshop where the gearbox and generator bearings are being replaced. In the hub the pitch cylinders and hydraulic hoses will be replaced and within a few weeks all this will be transported to Sweden.
The three blades are directly delivered to Sweden by two trucks. One truck transported two 39m long blades and one truck a single blade. Today these three blades were already offloaded at site. Next month the nacelle and hub will be delivered and the repowering can start.



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