3 June 2022

Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) are often required for the decommissioning of Windfarms. We are almost always in these situations where communication is very important. That is why our site manager Edward van den Heuvel has the PR function (in Dutch “Praoten en Riejen”, meaning chatting and driving).

For the Windfarm Kubbeweg Project we all had to use the same road for; transporting wind turbine components, people drive through to work at site and the unrestricted transport of concrete for the new foundations poor. The cooperation between the different parties at site went very smooth and all parties worked together for the same target; a safe and efficient operation to repower a windfarm and not just focussing on their own part of the job.

For that reason, we would like to thank:

  • Ventolines for overall project management on behalf of Windplan Groen,
  • H4A for the good cooperation while they were construction the new foundations,
  • Van Gelder, excavating trenches for the electrical infra structure. 
  • And of course, our partners Koppejan Wind Service, G. Vlastuin Transport, BKV and Weever Sloopwerken

Decommissioning of the Windfarm Kubbeweg in Flevoland phase 1 is ready, except foundation demolition. In August we will continue with phase 2 of this project. In the meantime, we will go abroad for the next windfarm decommissioning.

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