Refurbishment can make an used wind turbine good for many more years

A new wind turbine has a 20 year lifespan. After this period you will have written off the purchase value and achieved the desired yield. Many wind turbines all over the world have completed their first 20 years or are approaching 20 years. Has the time come to consider a new purchase? Or would refurbishment still be an option?

As good as new

For many turbines refurbishment is an appealing option as the investment would only be a fraction of the initial purchase price. After thorough refurbishment the turbine would function as good as new and will last for years.

Specific cases

Refurbishment is not always a suitable option for all types of wind turbines. For some models the market can no longer provide spare parts which will adversely affect the refurbishment costs. Fortunately, for many models this is not the case. Would you like to find out more about the refurbishment options for your specific situation and wind turbine? Let our experts tell you all about it. Please contact us and we will advise you without any obligation!



Various types of refurbishment, including:

  • The refurbishment of the entire wind turbine
  • Gear housing refurbishment
  • Main bearing refurbishment
  • Generator refurbishment
  • Blade refurbishment

Foundation anchors


Tower modifications

(E.g. shortening, including calculations)

Replacing entire control systems

(In the event of outdated types)

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