Off the Normandy-France coast you can find the Channel Islands. Between the Channel Islands Guernsey and Jersey you find the Island Sark with a population of about 500 people. Sark is one of the few remaining places in the world where cars are banned from roads and only tractors, bicycles and horse-drawn vehicles are allowed.

Until now power supply on Sark is done by diesel generators. With the reasonable wind speed of the Channel Islands, wind would be a good alternative to harvest energy. So the wish of the Islanders is to install two second hands wind turbines.
The challenging thing is that the only way to get all the necessary supplies on Sark is through one of the two tunnels. So these tunnels define all the dimensions.

Business in Wind’s Wim Robbertsen visited last week Sark for the second time. The visit was together with Gillian Jones and Iestyn Morgan of Infinite Renewables. They take care of the integration of the complete system. Wim investigated with the others the possibilities of getting wind turbines, and all the equipment to install them, through the tunnels. As a simple solution to figure that out they made a wooden frame to see what maximum crane size could go through. Also a crane company and Barging company joined to investigate the options of for example a beach landing with the equipment.

Next to the wind turbines the plan of Sark is to install solar panels and a battery system. That would limit the use of diesel fuel and would be a great step towards a renewable energy system on Sark.
To be continued.

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