In the #Ukraine as everyone knows, there is a shortage of energy. 
As wind energy is relatively fast to realize, it is an interesting option for the Ukraine. 
In the spring of last year, we decommissioned 2 GE 2,5MW wind turbines formerly owned by Storm in Belgium. At this moment technicians in the Ukraine are installing these turbines so they can start producing renewable energy. 
The customer does need guts to do so as it is still full of risks in Ukraine. The relation with this customer is very good and he appreciates the cooperation, because at this moment two Vestas V90 3MW wind turbines are also on their way to Ukraine.
For us, it is a challenge to get all the necessary documents for custom clearance and transporting used wind turbines to Ukraine. First we need to proof there is no relation with Russia in any part of the project. Next step to enable import in Ukraine is to discuss and share paperwork with all following parties: Chamber of Commerce, Customs, Customs agent, Importer, Transport Company. There are a lot of parties involved to get the wind turbines finally across the border.

As you can see on the pictures, the wind turbines arrived in the snow, now the field is green and the wind turbines are standing. Within the coming weeks they are expected to generate energy. 


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