A long time ago in Schiedam a Stork wind turbine had been installed and is in the nineties replaced by a Lagerweij.
The turbine was dismantled a long time ago and now the old wind turbine piled foundation had to be removed.
The challenge was to do this vibration free. This whole operation had to be including a monitoring system to proof it is done without vibration which could cause damage to a fresh water pipe in the ground and problems with the slope along the river Nieuwe Maas. Eneco asked Business in Wind if they could think of a solution to execute this project.
Business in Wind made a proposal and started a long discussion with Dutch Waterboard about the solution and monitoring system. Finally all parties involved were satisfied how it had to be done. 

The connection between the piles and foundation block have been cut with diamond wire. The complete foundation block is lifted with a Bon and Mees/ Hebo sheerleg and transported by water directly to Recycling combination Reko. 
Van ‘t Hek is now removing the piles vibration free by drilling a pipe around the concrete piles, clean the area between the pipe and pile and pull out the pile. Next week the excavation will be filled again so grass and bushes can start to grow again.

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