The plan was to decommission the fifth wind turbine, this time a Repower MD 77 wind turbine in Perwez Belgium last Tuesday morning at 4 am. This early hour was because a wind dip might enable for us to take off the rotor. Unfortunately there was no acceptable wind speed to take the rotor off. Next plan was Friday morning. And that forecast worked out. 
The flexibility of Vlastuin Transport creates efficiency and saves a long waiting time for trucks from Romania. 
Today, Saturday August 5th, the Repower MD 77 is reloaded in Ede from Vlastuin and Ter Linden trucks onto trucks of Rontransmar srl from Romania. 

The reason Business in Wind hires more transport companies? This way we use the efficiency of Vlastuin and Ter Linden for Just in Time loading and the experience of Rontransmar to Eastern Europe. 
Once all is reloaded this evening, Rontransmar can leave for destination Moldova. Once Rontransmar has unloaded in Moldova they can return to load one more wind turbine in Ede for Moldava. 
Coming week we will decommission in Perwez the last two of eight turbines and Vlastuin will bring them to Ede and one to Germany, ready for next stage. 

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