A new part of our company is in house refurbishment. That’s why about one year ago, Teunis van de Brink started at Business in Wind. He is responsible for the refurbishment projects which are slowly starting. Teunis has a good track record and many years experience in wind turbine- and especially gearbox refurbishment. Within a few weeks we will start with the construction of our new facility with a complete workshop, 80 tonnes overhead crane and conditioned warehouse for refurbished major components. More about the new facility will follow within the coming weeks.

This week, refurbishment works have continued on two Vestas V80s. The pitch system on the hub is being renewed, and the generator bearings are being replaced. Later this year, these V80s will be installed in Turkey. A separate spare V80 gearbox will be completely refurbished, to be used as a spare on this project.
At the same time, we’re working to upgrade a V90 3MW gearbox for a different project, on which more will follow later.

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