Of the many R’s in the circular wind energy economy is Re-use the first possible focus of Business in Wind. That means using a wind turbine where it is designed for: harvesting wind energy. When this economically or technically is not an option as a whole we look for the other possibility’s: use parts for spre parts, repurpose, meaning using parts for another use or recycle. 
Last days we dismantled two GE 1.5 SLE 85m wind turbines in Perwez, België. In this case one turbine going to be Re-used in Poland.
The other is taken apart. The nacelle, hub, control cabinets, transformer and switchgear will be used as spare parts. The tower and concrete from the foundation will be recycled.
And the blades will be repurposed by Blade Made. We believe in the work of Blade Made as a good solution for the recycle of the blades. So please check their website > Blade-Made.com

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