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3 May 2024

Recently, Business in Wind had the Inspectorate of governmental Environment & Transport (IL&T) on the floor.
The occasion was the following: They have seen us loading wind turbines on Polish trucks in Rotterdam, visited the site and noticed these wind turbines had the destination Ukraine. The inspection questioned whether we were not engaged in cross-border waste transport with wind turbines. 
Business in Wind was able to prove where the turbines came from and where they went. 
We always have to report this in detail to our partners as well. Secretly disposing of wind turbines to a landfill, you don’t have to come to us for that. 
It ended up being a nice conversation and the inspectors left our office without any comments or remarks and a lot of additional information about what we do in this industry. 
Business in Wind has been buying used wind turbines since 2018 and can perform the entire chain in-house. We disassemble, overhaul and rebuild them all over the world. 
Quite a few people still think that used wind turbines go to Eastern Europe or Africa as castoffs, but that’s not the case. 
Our main market for used wind turbines is for example, England, Wales, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Finland and Scotland. 
For every turbine that is offered to us, the so-called R-Ladder comes into the picture: all parts are examined to see whether they can be Reused, Refurbished, Repurposed or Recycled. Reuse a wind turbine at another location, that is always preferred. When it is technically and economically feasible, we install it again. In case refurbishment is required, we do that ourselves or we outsource it. If that is no longer feasible, we disassemble the turbine and sell the parts as Spare Parts or use them to refurbish other wind turbines.
When Reuse is no longer possible, we look at whether Repurpose is possible: giving the wind turbine parts a new purpose. There are already several good examples of this, such as playgrounds, sound barriers, floating parts for floating constructions and climbing walls.

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