Wales – Vestas V52 (1x)

Jul 4, 2018

For a customer we have refurbished, re-painted, transported and re-installed  a Vestas V52 on 36 meter hub height (1 tower section).  This turbine is re-painted in green and yellow daffodil colours. The daffodil is the national flower of Wales, the place where the turbine is installed. More about this on WalesOnline ‘A wind turbine has been painted to look like a daffodil in Llantrisant‘.

During this project the following activities are executed:

  • Purchase and dismantling of the turbine in the Netherlands;
  • Refurbishment and modifications conform land and location specific requirements. For example, modifications were necessary to comply with the G59 regulations;
  • Re-painting in green and yellow daffodil colors;
  • Grid connection;
  • Design of the foundation;
  • Supply of the turbine and insert ring;
  • Transport of the main components;
  • Installation and commissioning.

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