A challenging week again with different circumstances we just have to deal with. That is the good thing about nature; you just have to adjust as you can’t control.
As example, because of the snow and freezing temperature in Austria the crane had difficulties reaching site for decommissioning of one Vestas V90. 📸 1,2,3
In Dorsett UK, we had just too much wind to install the last blade of the last of four Vestas V80 wind turbines. 📸 4,5
And on the always windy Isle of Skye in Scotland, we just had to plan between the wind dips taking an Enercon E-33 down and install an Enercon E-48. Luckily we managed this week to remove the Enercon E-33 from site, this one will be used as spare parts. Also the bottom section of the Enercon E-48 is installed and on Saturday, when the weather allows, we will complete the installing of this wind turbine. 📸 6,7,8
In Strathallan, Scotland, the team can continue, more or less independent of the weather as they are working inside the four Enercon E-70s for completion. 📸 9
So yes, we do make plannings, but that is just to measure the changes.

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