Live from Austria

16 December 2023

In Gols, Austria one Vestas V90 has disappeared from the horizon this week. Coming spring it will rise again on the Belgium horizon in Maasmechelen and start its second life, operated by Groep Bolckmans. 
A team of Bolckmans went to Austria because they wanted to witness the decommissioning process in real live. 
How this process looks? Business in Wind bought wind turbines from WEB in Austria. One of them was this Vestas V90 2MW. It was decommissioned last week with Niels as project manager, a team of technicians of Iver and cranes of AG Trans. Vlastuin Transport took care of the transporting and is on the way to Rengineers in The Netherlands with the nacelle, blades and hub, to be refurbished.
In the meantime, we are preparing the foundation and the crane hardstand in Maasmechelen, Belgium. Once refurbishment is ready, we will install and commission this wind turbine again. Rengineers will provide a full service agreement for the coming 20 years and Bolckmans has a secure way to harvest the energy for the next twenty years. 
At the last picture you see a happy customer and project manager, because decomissioning is completed. But you also see how the weather conditionings can make clothes dirty 😉 

📸 credits for Ronny & Katrien Bolckmans. Thnx!

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