Wales, Germany, Belgium and loading a ship for Finland, yes, that’s where the activities of Business in Wind these days are in full speed. 
Herewith we give you an update. 
In Wales and Germany the technicians of Koppejan Wind service and Full Circle Wind service are on behalf of Business in Wind taking care to have an Enercon E70 and Vestas V80 Wind turbine getting to work and harvest energy for the coming years again. 
In Belgium we dismantled the last turbine, a MD 77 with destination Moldova. And now Weever Sloopwerken is taking care of the last phase, getting the insert rings out and the foundations demolished.

Also this week in Amsterdam at VCK terminal a team loaded an Enercon E70 ex Pure Energie wind turbine on the Finnish Sea-lake shipping vessel Jennifer.
It was a challenge, and not without some hurdles to get this loaded, lashed and secured as a part got damaged. With the flexible attitude of Vlastuin Transport and the shipping people we managed to get Jennifer loaded with the wind turbine in good condition. Captain Dennis Saari and his crew sails with his Jennifer across the sea with destination Lilla Hummelholm, Åland Finland. 

Tomorrow a team of Business in Wind and Koppejan Windservice are going there by airplane to build the E70 on a rock at that small island. Next week we can show you the pictures if weather allows installation, but at this post you can see the movie of the loading of the ship and the start of their sailing trip to Finland.

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