Dismantling and reinstalling a wind turbine is an operation that you can leave to us, on top of that we’re also offering refurbishment and upgrades to the wind turbines. In terms of grid compliancy DEIF is our partner.

In Latvia this week an Enercon E-70, manufactured in 2012, supplied by us, is connected to the grid. To get used wind turbines meeting the latest grid standards, Business in Wind cooperates with DEIF Power Control. Together with DEIF we rebuilt the control system, add typical hardware to enable to generate electricity and provide to the grid according to the latest standards.

Also in Scotland four Enercon E-70s, manufactured in 2012, are prepared with DEIF Control. We are finishing the wind turbines and in March the grid connection will be available to generate renewable energy. Additional to grid compliance we adjust with DEIF the control system to meet our adjusted tower design with lower hub height.

At last in the south of the UK four Vestas V80s, manufactured in 2005, are in the same process, finishing everything and preparing for the upcoming grid connection.

This cooperation with DEIF enables us to supply, install and commission used wind turbines as modern wind turbines according to the latest standards and extend the wind turbine operational life. One more reason to choose for circularity, also in the wind industry.

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