The decommissioning team had a nice challenge the last few days in Belgium. Business in Wind is capable of dealing with more brands and buys, decommissions, sells and builds different brands such as Vestas, Enercon, Senvion, Repower and also GE. 
The GE 2.5mw | 100 m is a type that this team had not decommissioned before. This needs very good preparation, planning and check the correct new lifting tools. Of course we take into account in the planning that this takes more hours than decommissioning a type which we have done a dozen times before. Unfortunately, in addition to this challenge, the wind was a killjoy for many hours. So it was a puzzle with the working hours and taking sufficient rest so that everyone could return to work concentrated and safe. 
Meanwhile, the first GE is on the trucks and the crane is being moved to the second GE that Business in Wind took over from Storm. 
These two GEs will be transported to their next destination in Ukraine to be installed again for a second life in a country which needs the energy.

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