Dismantling of wind turbines always requires a serious and thorough preperation. For the six on an Island that is in the middle of the Atlantic ocean is a serious challenge not to miss anything as there is not much available to be used for wind turbine dismantling
So far, so good. We give you a little update of the Ascencion Island project:
The technicians are choosen. They had to follow a serveral courses to be able to work on this specific project. The flights are booked.
A big file with paperwork is submitted.
And after they collected all the necessary tools and equipment, arranged boxes for the transport. The weight of approximately 4.000 kg is delivered today at the Dutch airport. The customs checked everything and approved! The boxes are going to start their way to Ascencion and the first group of technicians is starting their trip on March 28th.
In the meantime Wim has his weekly meetings with all the people which are involved.
To be continued

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