In the Jacobahaven, just south of the impressive Neeltje Jans flood barrier, three Vestas V90 3MW wind turbines will be dismantled by Business in Wind. The first one is gone, the other two will follow later this year and next year.

On Tuesday, people, cranes and trucks were scheduled to dismantle this first Vestas V90 3MW. Only the wind did not cooperate, there was no choice but to adjust the schedule. The forecast looked better for the night.
During the day there was still peace and quiet around this V90, as the people who were going to do this job tried to get some sleep beforehand.
At midnight, the wind died down, the construction lights came on and they started this decommissioning job.
Wednesday at noon, 13 hours later, the turbine was gone, and the wind picked up again. Sometimes you need the weather to cooperate a little bit 😊and a motivated team to get the job done.
The V90 turbine is stored in Ede and ready for transportation to Italy for a second life. Next week foundation demolition will commence.
On the last picture which is made this afternoon, you see that the site is empty and peace and quiet again. Time to start a beautiful weekend. Cheers!

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