This week a team of Iver – Experts in wind has decommissioned two Enercon E-40s for Business in Wind.
These E-40s were part of the repowering of Windplan Blauw. At this windfarm all new onshore wind turbines Vestas V162 are operational. Part of Windplan Blauw is that all existing wind turbines have to be decommissioned before a certain date. Several had to be removed before construction as they were at te location or too close to the location of the new wind turbines. Others could operate until the new ones started to produce energy.
More cooperation with Iver is expected in the coming period, all about sharing commitment.

In the meantime our other teams are active in the UK, to install the fourth Enercon E-70 in Strathallan, Scotland. In the South of the UK the first components are delivered to start the installation of four Vestas V80s. One of our project manager went with a site manager to the Isle of Skye to prepare another project, replacing an Enercon E-33 by an Enercon E-48 later this year.
So you see, never a dull moment at Business in Wind!

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