Wim Robbertsen from Business in Wind travelled this week to a hard to reach Island to investigate the possibilities to get wind turbines installed there. First Wim flew to Gatwick (near London), than he took the plane to Guernsey and from there he sailed by boat to his destination on Sark. 
Sark is a small Channel Island where energy supply is done by diesel generators. The plan is to go for renewable energy and as wind resource is good on such an Island. To go there as a tourist it’s easy, but to get on that island big crane’s and all the wind turbine parts it’s another piece of cake. The challenge is to get wind turbines through a tunnel up the cliffs and over narrow roads to the potential site. But the mind of Business in Wind says there is always a solution, so that is to be worked on. The route survey is done by bike together with a Welsh company and local representatives. At least Wim learned a lot about this very interesting Island, its history and future potential.
The plan is the renewable energy will also be producing Energy on this Island.

The Island of Sark is one of the Channel Islands, lying off the French coast of Normandy. Length 4.7 km, width 2.7 km, area 5.5 km² and about 600 inhabitants. On Sark you will not find cars, only tractors and bicycles, even the ambulance is a trailer behind a tractor. 

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