No situation is the same when dismantling a wind turbine. That is why it is mostly a different challenge time after time. Such was the case with the removal of four Vestas V90 3MW 105m along Dintelhaven, Europoort in Rotterdam. The lease contract with the Port of Rotterdam, of the land on which these four turbines are located, is ending so owner Pure Energie has to have these turbines removed.
Business in Wind has purchased these four from Pure Energie and is giving these turbines a second life elsewhere eighter as wind turbine or in parts.

The location is very tight. On one side of the turbines is a bike path, a road and a trainrail and on the other side is the Dintelhaven waterway. There is very little working space and the road is the only access to a part of Europoort and the StenaLine ferry.
Business in Wind has extensively investigated the possibility of carrying out this job from the water because this would minimize traffic disruption. As many will remember, we successfully performed this trick from the water along the Hartel Canal in 2021.
Because Dintelhaven is a bit narrower than the Hartel Canal, and large pushers with sometimes as many as six barges in front of them sail through that waterway, this option was a huge challenge.

After numerous consultations with the Port of Rotterdam, traffic measures company and Rotterdam municipality the choice was made to perform this operation from land. When ferries arrive there is peak in traffic and all has to be coordinated not te create huge traffic jams.
This means traffic signs have to be placed and traffic lights have to work. Also manual guidance is required, because not everyone seems to understand signs and traffic lights and there seems to be a limited amount of patience. The challenge is to coordinate all working people so they can do their job safe and how it has to be done.

In the meantime the first wind turbine has been removed, foundation is being demolished and the second turbine is almost gone.
So far so good.

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