In case you were wondering where Business in Wind was active the last week, in this post you will read and see the answer. And of course, we are talking about the jobs in the field, because in addition, the usual office work always goes on.
In Whitehorse, Yukon, we dismantled a Vestas V47. This well conditioned V47 660kW 60Hz turbine which survived harsh conditions, is in a very good condition and available for sale. At the same site EWT is installing four EWT Wind turbines were Greencat is responsible for Project Management.
The first GE 1.5 SLe wind turbine is dismantled in Perwez. Coming week we dismantle two more GE 1.5 SLe wind turbines, with destinations Poland and Spain. And then at the same windfarm Perwez we will dismantle three Repower MD77 wind turbines with the destinations Germany and Moldova.

Ps we end this photo serie with a break, because taking care of good catering is always our goal!

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