Vestas V47 660 kW

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This V47-660 kW is a two-generator version. This model contains a second, smaller, generator for use in wind speeds as low as 7 m/s. This means a lower sound level where it is most needed, as well as more efficient exploitation of modest wind conditions.

Optimal pitch with OptiTip®

Just like all other Vestas turbines, the V47-660 kW turbine is equipped with microprocessor-controlled OptiTip® pitch regulation, which ensures continuous and optimal adjustment of the angles of the blades in relation to the prevailing wind. The OptiTip® system makes it possible to find the best possible solution to the often contradictory requirements for high output and low sound levels, depending on the location.


As mentioned above, the V47-660 kW turbine features the unique generator principle OptiSlip®, which allows both the rotor and the generator to var y their RPM by up to 10% to cope during violent gusts of wind. In addition to minimizing the load on various parts of the turbine, the OptiSlip® system also ensures an appreciably better power quality.

  • Brand: Vestas
  • Model: V47
  • Quantity: 1 unit
  • Rotor Diameter (m): 47
  • Nominal Power: 660 kW
  • Hub Height (m): 40
  • Condition: used, and is currently in operation.
  • Year of construction: 2000
  • Expected availability: Q1 2020


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