Met Mast Windhunter WHTER 2T/100


Wind Met Mast of 100 meters height:

  • Year of construction: 2012
  • Type: Windhunter WHTER 2T/100 
  • 4x Thies Frist Class Advanced cup anemometers (on100m, 98m, 74,6m en 52,3m)
  • 2x Thies First Class wind wind vanes (op 97,9m en 52,34m)
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensor KPK1/6ME (op 96,7m)
  • Air pressure sensor Setra 278 (op 4,5m in cabinet of data logger)
  • Data Logger (Campbell Scientific CR1000) met GSM GPRS/EDGE-router (op 4,5m)
  • 40 Wp Solar Panel P40-36 GET AK (op 8m) + 7Ah battery (op 4,5m in cabinet of data logger)
  • Additional ground based (0m) power supply system (2017) incl. cabinet (Rittal) with Solar Charger( Steca PRS1010, 10A), 2x battery (Sonnenschein Solar 12V/85Ah), 240-255Wp Solar Panel (Bosch M60)