Benevento, Italy

15 April 2022

The pictures show the installation of Vestas V90 3MW wind turbines, which we decommissioned last year at Oosterscheldekering, Neeltje Jans and transported to Italy. These wind turbines are being installed in Foiano di Val Fortore in the centre of Italy, province of Benevento which means “good wind”. It is a very windy area where just a few weeks ago the site was blocked with 50cm of snow. Now the weather conditions are good and the coming weeks 5 Vestas V90 3MW wind turbines will be erected and completed to supply renewable energy to the grid without any subsidy.

In Foiano di Val Fortone local authorities are positive about wind energy and do cooperate with the wind developers. This does also create additional budget for the local authorities which they invest in the local community. For example, they support local students with a scholarship. Another benefit of the local wind energy are extra jobs and economic activities for civil contractors, technical companies, hotels, and restaurants.

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