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16 September 2023

Again, Business in Wind sent technicians and a lifting supervisor to Ascencion Island, an Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. You probably read about this special location in our earlier posts, because in May 2022 we dismantled six NEG Micon wind turbines and prepared for recycling on Ascension Island. 

Earlier this year a 900 kW DW52 HH40m EWT wind turbine was shipped from the Netherlands via US to Ascension Island. When our team arrived at the Island they couldn’t do much, because of exessive windspeeds. There was an official wind warning, which hadn’t happened the last 27 years. Last week with more limited wind speeds the first tower section was installed. Few days later the top section, nacelle and generator.
Lifting plans were prepared in advance, so everyone was aware of what had to be done.
This lift was special as it has been performed using three available local cranes at the Island for tailing and lifting in a tandem lift. One main crane 160T, had to lift the generator complete, two other cranes, one 30T and one 150T lifted the generator as a tandem lift from horizontal to vertical. Once in vertical position, the 160T had to take over from the 30T with the generator already in the air.
After several days waiting there was another wind dip which was just enough to get the rotor installed. After they completed the installation works, our team will travel coming week back home again.
The cooperation with EWT, Merijn Boon and Sean Ennis and Tillen BV for the special lifting tool was very good again.
All’s well that ends well. We can close this extremely challenging project and go on with our next 💪.

Husum Wind has comes to an end!! What a week of meeting great people and great companies! After our team dismantled the booth they have left Germany and are all save back home in the Netherland. 
We would like everybody to thank those who visited us at our stand! It was good to meet and talk to you.
To those who did not have the time yet, please feel welcome to visit us on our website > 
or meet us at Vindkraft, Stockholm in October.

Our vision is circularity, that is why our exhibition stand is also a used one, as it used to be from Lagerwey.

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