Everyone knows the pictures of a bulldozer, burying blades in a US field. This does happen where people do not care about environment and our future, just about money. When you want this to happen, don’t call us!

Business in Wind looks at the R ladder of circularity and the first R we can influence is Re-Use. That is the purpose of the blades you can see along the A1 in the Netherlands. The several blade sets we have stored there are waiting to be installed somewhere else, mainly in Europe. 
During the decommissioning the blades come down as the first component and the foundation ring as last one. But you need the foundation as first part again to start the new construction. Next to that in certain occasions we do also refurbish the wind turbine components, which does need an amount of time before everything is ready. The blades (picture 1, 6 and 7) will be used again in Sweden, Italy, Scotland and England.

Not all blades of decommissioned wind turbines can be Re-Used and will be Re-Purposed. That means they will be used for another purpose, not for wind energy. Blade–Made works on using blades for urban furniture, building constructions and more.
Waterstudio.NL works on using blades for floating constructions (picture 3, 4 and 5).
When Re-Purposing is not an option, Circular Recycling Company CRC works on Recyling composites and makes materials to be used to produce other products.

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