On September 27, 2018, Wim Robbertsen signed on and started at the helm of Business in Wind. Soon the orders came in and the team expanded. 
Now, 5 years later, Business in Wind is already well established and companies who want to install wind turbines at special destinations knows how to find us. Because where others say it can’t be done, we become enthusiastic and do our utmost to make it happen.
Our philosophy
We deliver a secure project with exceptional quality. 
Just in time. 
We are loyal to our partners.
The key to success lies in effective preparation. 
We do what we promise.
Sharing Commitment.
Today exactly 5 years later we celebrate this beautiful milestone and share with this post two overview lists of our past 5 years. And, as you can see, Business in Wind has a lot of experience with various types of turbines and has no working borders. 
The countries where we have dismantled, installed or delivered complete wind turbines or who have purchased parts from us are:
Germany, Ascension Island, Italy, UK, Finland, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Austria, Romania, Chile, Kazakhstan, Wales, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine, Denmark, France, Moldova, Scotland, Latvia and of course The Netherlands. 
The wind turbine types we have dismantled and/or installed are: 
Vestas V27, V29, V42, V44, V47, V52, V66, V80, V90
EWT 900 kW DW52 
NEG Micon NM48, NM52, NM54
GE 1.5SLE, 2.5
Lagerwey L82, LW50
Repower MD77
Nordex N80
Bonus 600
Enercon E-40, E-48, E-70, E-82
Hereby, also certainly on behalf of Wim, we would like to thank everyone who has worked with us in any way! And of course we hope you know how to find us in the future as well. 
Team Business in Wind 
Wim Robbertsen Jakob Adema Onno Mauritz Martijn Eugelink Daniëlla Groeneveld Rick Pellenberg Niels Robbertsen Herman Reemst Edward van den Heuvel Teunis van den Brink Ellen Adema John Kamphorst Anneke Robbertsen
PS: soon we will announce our further expansion plans. So keep following us on our socials and you’ll read all about it.

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